ancient and contemporary

Working with sound allows me to hold space for silence, creating visual art gives me a frame from which I explore this empty space.  The visual signature and aesthetic language of my work reflect my relationships with the earth and the cosmos.

My Background

I was born and raised in Berlin in a German-American family, and have been diving into the art of drum building for over 8 years. The otherworldly cosmic voices of shamanic drums, and their mind blowing range of overtones have always mesmerized me. I hold a M.A. in Fashion/Costume- and Industrial Design. I love and am dedicated to the alchemy of the creative journey, it is the thread that connects all my fields of work. I have been learning and apprenticing since my early twenties with different healers, teachers and artists from various indigenous cultural backgrounds. In both my art and healing work I try to support the relationship to self, to the earth and all life.

My Approach

My drums, paintings and symbols bridge ancient craft and traditional medicine knowledge with contemporary design and artwork. Some of my designs are very intuitive, others are developed over weeks and focus on balance, precision and accuracy.

I believe in the power of the materials I work with and create space for their inherent qualities to come through. The texture, shape and colors of rawhide, wood, leather, stone and cotton tell a story of the earth and her beings. Carefully curating them is a practice and attitude of belonging, relationship and relating.

‚I am so so happy with my drum – it is so beautiful, the energy is incredible and I completely fell in love with it as soon as I received it. Milena was just amazing, suggesting things that I might like to customize my drum. Thank you so much!‘

Jennifer I Spain

'Beautifully birthed medicine, thank you, Milena.'

Tim I England