Birth of a drum

My individually tailored drums implement experienced craftsmanship and utilise traditional knowledge to precisely shape each drum for each new voice. They are carefully handmade through numerous detailed steps, individually dyed and delicately painted. The result is an authentic instrument that sounds unique, offering blessings and knowledge for the benefit of the drums future keeper.

I work with a natural premium rawhide for the highest quality of handmade production. Each skin has been carefully cleaned, evenly smoothed and attentively processed. After the skin has been soaked in water and the holes have been punched, it is stretched around the ash wood frame and as it dries, the sound of the drum gradually begins to take shape. The combination of the rawhide and the smooth wooden frame gives each drum a specific sound.
Naturally, the tension of the lacing and the thickness of the individual rawhide help to determine how high or low the drum will sound, which can also be directed towards a specific sound palette over prior consultation, on request.

‚The custom drum Milena created for me is just crafted so beautifully and feels so lovingly made. The sound is pure medicine and the drum feels alive. Love to you Milena, you are a magical artist.‘

Subi I Holland

'When I play my drum I feel I am returning home to myself, to my body, to the earth beneath my feet.'

Katinka I Washington State