Create Your own drum

Enter a unique space of ritual, tradition and ceremony to create your own personal medicine drum. You will learn how to prepare the natural rawhide and wooden frame with experienced guidance and support, and welcome your own drum into the world.

Two Day Drum Building Weekend

Building your own drum and feeling the deep connection with your own instrument is an enlightening experience. Your drum may become your close ally, a friend to accompany you on your journey for many years to come. Guided by rituals and drumming, I help you to discover the spiritual qualities of your creation and welcome the new drums into our space. Both the mystical and the practical aspects of the process are honored, culminating in a blessing of the new drums and a celebration of this rewarding and enriching two day journey. 

Available sizes are 35cm, 40cm, 45cm or 50cm, depending on your preference. The hide can be made of goat, deer, calf, horse, bison or chamois.

‚This work of art has surpassed anything I could have ever imagined. The detail put into the drum, the sound that vibrates through you, the energy that it emits is so powerful it is truly a gift. I am truly grateful for the work Milena has put into her craft and that I am on the receiving end of her art. Such a sacred instrument.‘

Joshua I Canada

Please contact me if you are interested to join

+49 177 26 80 457