Medicine Drums

Drums have been considered the heartbeat of the earth and the cosmos. Their sound has accompanied us on this earth for thousands of years.

Each drum is carefully handmade, with respect for the natural resources and materials. My frame drums are light in weight, individually dyed and delicately painted. The result is an authentic instrument that offers blessings and knowledge. Every drum sounds different and has a specific unique presence and quality. 

My drums have rich, vibrant and clear voices with wide overtones. Their strong echoing sound goes through the entire body and vibrates in a similar way to a gong. It is known to impact and change the state of consciousness and quickly lead into a meditative state. 


Your custom made drum reflects you and your spiritual identity. It may become your close ally, a friend to accompany you on your journey for many years to come. As we go into the creative process we set up the ideal colors, shapes, symbols and visual elements that are meaningful and important to you. These will be represented on your drum.

I use local Ash wood, Birch or Swiss Pine for the frames. Available sizes are 35cm, 40cm, 45cm or 50cm, depending on your preference. The hide can be made of goat, deer, calf, horse, buffalo or chamois.

Almost every rawhide can be painted or dyed.  Contact me if you wish to order a drum and need consultation to find the right piece for you. Your drum can be shipped worldwide.

‚I have never experienced such a connection to drums as I have with Milenas – it is beyond anything I have experienced, the sounds move me every time. This is my second drum purchase, thank you for your work and birthing powerful medicines.‘

Susan I London

'The artwork, the sound of this wonderful drum could not be better. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your work.'

Kati I Switzerland