Vision Work​

Psychology Of Space: Going into the landscapes of the deep psyche. The individual sessions accompany your process and addresses any questions you may be holding. We will pave together the way to your creative participation in the world. Through nurturing the original connection to yourself you will be strengthened and will gain clarity.

Methods Of The Individual Sessions And Workshops

Together we will bring awareness without judgement to all feelings and needs that want to be looked at, as if they where rooms in the psyche (dimensional spaces and landscapes of the interior). The space in and around you holds great potential for knowledge and visions.

When these visions get to have a voice and the opportunity to be expressed they change your outlook on life and the perspective you have toward yourself.

During our session, the feedback and knowledge from the body will guide us with great precision and will support the journey of the conversation. We will create the conditions that are needed to reduce stress and allow deep relaxation.

We will create tangible solutions that support your growth in your individual situation. You will be able to actively engage and move towards your personal or professional dreams and goals with greater confidence and trust.

As you are nurturing this deep connection to yourself, you expand the space and the ways in which you impact and enrich others. Feel your own abundance within and make conscious decisions based on a strong foundation from which you can move freely and joyfully.

Contact me to schedule appointments and for information about workshops and current course offerings. I offer consultations online in German and English.


You will connect to different perspectives within and gain new space to make profound changes.

We listen to your body to create the conditions that reduce stress and allow for deep relaxation.

By gaining knowledge about your current needs, we create tangible solutions that support your growth in your individual situation.

As you nurture your deep connection to yourself and your own inner abundance, you can make empowered decisions based on a strong foundation and your own authentic original joy.

‚Milena has a graceful and effortless way, which made me as a receiver of her wisdom feel at ease, seen, heard, and cherished as I am. She leads with her heart open, creating a very safe space. Anyone who is looking for higher wisdom about their path may enter her space and be absolutely safe and held in light.‘

Laura I Washington State

'The session couldn't have been more restorative, peaceful and calming. Six months on I still draw on the things we spoke about in the session.'

Mia I Germany