Psychology Of Space_ 

Space, Body and Sound

Psychology of Space is an interdisciplinary artistic research project. The collaborations and performances explore spaces and the ways in which we engage with them. These can be physical or metaphorical spaces, fields, spheres and conceptual spaces, as well as psycho-mystical or socio-political spaces.

Psychology Of Space is a fluid collective think tank that reconfigures and reconstitutes for each collaboration bringing together a variety of interdisciplinary artists. The individual projects approach the psychology of spaces from different angles and different contexts; visual languages emerge in exploring the relationships between inner landscapes of the psyche and outer spaces. The collaborations are annual and process-oriented.


Alchemy Part I And II

ALCHEMY PART I And II _ subversive tenderness  is an interdisciplinary performance and a dialogue between art forms: what if the stage is an altar and the performance an offering?

ALCHEMY PART I AND II  was made by a collective of artists creating an ethereal audio-visual sound experience as part of the Kultursommerfestival Berlin 2023. At the heart of the performance is the conversation between the spoken word, the movements of the body, the dialogue between poetry and sound; The piece unfolds from the intersection of dance, theater, music, spoken word and performance art, bringing visibility to marginalized perspectives and exploring intersectionality, identity, queerness and belonging through words and movement.

Dance/ Performance: Jamal Sterrett, Christina Negucioiu, Spoken Word/ Poetry: Awa Faridah Ndiaye, Sound Performance: CHAT1, Music Performance/ Violine: Eli Wenentxu, Grafik/ Visuals: VOJID, Costume Design: Sojin Park, Camera: Sebastian Brunnlechner, Photography: Reza Khodaveisi, Project assistance: Eva Hüster, Event management assistance: Joey Steffens, Music: Azadeh Zandieh, stage support: Elisabeth Gregor, Fiona Con, Curator/ creative Director: Milena A. Kraft