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Psychology Of Space

Psychology of Space is an interdisciplinary artistic research project. The collaborations and performances explore spaces and the ways in which we engage with them. These can be physical or metaphorical spaces, fields, spheres and conceptual spaces, as well as psycho-mystical or socio-political spaces.

Psychology Of Space is a fluid collective think tank that reconfigures and reconstitutes for each collaboration, bringing together a variety of interdisciplinary artists. The individual projects approach the psychology of spaces from different angles and different contexts; visual languages emerge from the relationships between inner landscapes of the psyche and outer spaces. The collaborations are annual and process-oriented.


‘milena is radiantly gifted with divine and ancient wisdom, and a compassionate and intuitive artist who makes the bridge between this wisdom and our earth dimension clear and lucid for the listener.‘

Laura I Netherlands

'the sound of this incredible drum really hits the heart with healing. It is just gorgeous and so well made.'

Sue I Colorado