Storing your drum

Rawhide is sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity. You can support the longevity of your drum by being mindful and respectful towards the material. Please avoid leaving your drum in direct sunlight for too long, as heat can quickly cause the hide to contract and the drum tone to rise. Prolonged exposure to heat can cause the skin to crack, so please do avoid leaving your drum near a heater, stove, fireplace or in direct sunlight. Be extra careful if you live in a hot and dry climate. I highly recommend protecting your drum with a drum bag when you are traveling. 

Caring for your drum

Following simple guidance around heat and humidity is important and will support a longer lifespan of your drum. If you hang it on a wall, choose a place away from heating vents, radiators and fireplaces. Protect your drum when you are  traveling. Drum bags are the ideal way to ensure that the drum can be transported safely. Cover your drum in the car to avoid exposure to sunlight, and never leave it in a hot car. Generally, excessive heat can cause the wood to expand as well as the skin to potentially crack. You can actually increase the tone of your drum if needed before playing, by placing it in a sunny window, but only for a few minutes.

Humidity (extremely humid climates, rainy weather conditions but also wet laundry) cause the hide to loosen and the tone to become deeper. However, too much damp and moisture can cause a wavy reaction within the skin. It is best to not play the drum if this occurs; be patient to allow the drum to reach the right temperature and condition, and allow it to return to its original tone. Please do reach out if you have any additional questions or need further guidance on caring for your drum.

‚Thank You for a wonderful drum… already when unpacking it was noticeable that Milena is very mindful in her work. I am very grateful and love my drum. The sound, the processing, the design, packaging and the contact were very loving.‘

Inga I Germany

'Simple elegance, resembling subtleness and deep wisdom of the moon.'

Webby I Hongkong